Brewer's Guild

Brewer Playstyle

Brewers are tanky. Plain and simple, they’re great at soaking up damage, but their play style is more than just taking hits. They’re also fantastic at dishing out the damage too. They excel in the late game since they’ll still have more health left than any other team by then, but their mid-game is also strong due to their knockdowns and board control.

Brewers generate the most momentum when pushing opponents in to and out of position with buffeting blows and plays. Relatively slow up and down the field, the Brewers rely on long reach weapons and easy access to pushes and knockdowns, thereby giving them huge board presence and control. They skew towards beating the opposing team up over scoring goals, but they do have a couple of great strikers who can grab goals if the game swings in that direction.

The Brewer’s Guild are for coaches who enjoy playing teams that can take the first hit and hit back even harder.

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