Mason's Guild

Mason Playstyle

Masons’ play style is all about balance and subtle flexibility. They have strong but not outstanding offensive and defensive options available to them. With a good mix of buffs and debuffs forming the foundation of their combo play, they need each other to excel.

They are equipped to play well during all phases of the game without a definitive focus on any key area, which is why they are the most flexible team to play. They have the tools and the play style to adapt to every situation, as long as you can piece them together properly. They don’t lean towards goals or take outs and they’re not truly exceptional at either, but they have a strong capability for both. The Masons are the jack of all trades Guild, not as powerful in any one area as many other Guilds, but with the ability to play strongly in all areas of the game. Because of this, they’re also the Guild most able to think on their feet and switch up their game plan halfway through a turn, when many other teams have already committed.

The Masons are a guild for coaches who can see and build combos, and are adept at adapting to any situation.

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