Alchemist's Guild

Alchemist Playstyle

The Alchemists are the premier Guild when it comes to poisoning the enemy team, setting them on fire, or otherwise covering them in mysterious alchemical compounds! A fast, agile team, the Alchemists playstyle is aggressive and themed around force projection.

They’re quick on their feet and good with the ball, but not particularly resilient, excelling most in the early to mid-game due to their ability to cover a good amount of space and threaten the ball. They throw fireballs and vials of poisonous gasses at their opponents, which gives them a surprisingly high damage output as well as a strong ability to control where the enemy team can go.

The Alchemists will reward coaches who like a fast, adaptive, changeable playstyle, as well as coaches who are big fans of setting swathes of the enemy team on fire!

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